Wate Soluble Lace A0703-1

The Best Lace Trimming Manufacturer - Hong Kong Li Seng Co Ltd

Supplier:- http://lacesupplier.blogspot.com

To: Global Sourcing Team
Attn: Merchandising Dept and Purchasing Dept

Mini Crochet Lace Trimming Supplier
(You’re Oversea Sourcing Dept for Free)
Global Sourcing Supplier – “Hong Kong Li Seng Co Ltd “is a huge or small quantity supplier of Laces, Crochet, Trimmings for the apparel, Craft and all home furnishing industries.

Lace Trimming Manufacturer –

Have sample in Hong Kong
For your PP Sample, Counter Sample and Bulk Production

If you are interested in our products, please log on our WebPages

And contact us by E-mail: liseng@biznetvigator.com
We will offer you the competitive price and the best products.

Raymond Mok
Hong Kong Li Seng Co Ltd
Tel: 852-23990369 Fax: 852-27874982

Supply: Garment Accessories, Embroidered Lace, Cotton Lace, Lace Trimming, Crochet, Mini Crochet Lace Trimming, Mini Cotton Lace Trimming, Rachel, Peter sham, Braid, water-soluble lace, Canvas Belt, Packing Bow, String Lock, Alloy button, Alloy Buckles, Suspender Buckles, Fashion Buckles, Prong Snap Button, Jeans Button, Snap Buttons, Stoppers, Cord tips, Bra Slider And Ring etc


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